Chapter 2
"Le's go, George. Le's get outta here. It's mean here" (33).

Chapter 2 Summary
barley field-2007-02-22

George and Lennie are just arriving at the ranch. In chapter two, other important characters are introduced. The first person they meet is Old Man Candy. Candy is the swamper at the ranch. The next person they meet is The Boss. The Boss is angry and upset because of George and Lennie's late arrival. Minutes after The Boss leaves, George and Lennie meets his son, Curley. Curley is describe as a short man with a big ego. Right away you can tell that Curley's big ego wants to pick a fight with Lennie. Curley is newly married and is always looking for his wife. Curley's wife is a very flirtatious woman and is always looking for Curley. George and Lennie also meets a skinner named Slim which becomes close friends with George.

My Reaction
My reaction to chapter two was that some conflicts were beginning to form, especially the conflict Man vs, Man. It made me wonder what would happen next and who would win this conflict.