Chapter 3
boxing gloves

"Get him, Lennie. Don't let him do it" (63).

Chapter 3 Summary
The next day, George and Slim are in the bunk house and are playing cards. Slim asks George why do Lennie and he travel together and why did they come to the ranch. George tells what Lennie did to get in trouble with the law and Slim understands why without criticism. Later Carlson, another worker from the ranch, comes in and joins the others in the bunk house. Soon Carlson begins to complain about Candy's old dog because the dog is smelly. Carlson suggest that they kill the dog as a mercy killing. Candy hesitates for a while but then he gives in. Carlson takes the dog outside and shoots it. Shortly after Slim leaves to fix his horse's foot, Lennie joins the others at the bunk house. Soon Curley burst threw the door looking for his wife and asks if she's with Slim. Then Curley storms off towards Slim is working. After Curley leaves, George and Lennie let Candy in on their plan and Candy asks if he could join. A little later, Curley comes back to the bunk house still looking for his wife. Curley starts beating up Lennie because Curley thought Lennie was laughing at him but Lennie wasn't. George tells Lennie repeatedly to fight back, but Lennie is afraid and confused because George told him not to mess with Curley. As a result Lennie breaks Curley's hand.

My Reaction
My reaction to chapter three was annoyed because of George. In the beginning, George tells Lennie not to mess with Curley, but George tells Lennie to defend himself. Then George gets angry about Lennie defending himself.