Chapter 5

Chapter 5
"Curley's wife came around the end of the last stall. She came very quietly, so that Lennie didn't see her. She wore her bright cotton dress and the mules with the red ostrich feathers. Her face was made up and the little sausage curls were all in place" (86).
Chapter 5 Summery
This chapter begins with Lennie holding his dead puppy. He is angry and upset that he accidentally kill the puppy. He thought that since the puppy was bigger than a mouse, it
would not die. Then Lennie hears someone coming in the barn so he covers up the dead puppy, afraid that George would find it. He turns around and finds out that it is not George, it's Curley's wife. Lennie is hesitant to talk to Curley's wife because George told him not to, but finally he gives in. Soon Curley's wife tells Lennie about how she almost got her chance to become a movie star. She also tell Lennie about how she met Curley and how secretly she doesn't like being his wife. Curley's wife is irritated by Lennie because he keeps interrupting her by saying how he can't tend the rabbits anymore. Lennie tells Curley's wife about their plan about having their own piece of land. Curley's wife thinks Lennie is crazy, but she thinks he's nice so she lets him feel her hair. Lennie feels her hair and he likes it. Then Curley's wife gets agitated because she doesn't want her hair to get messed up. Lennie keeps petting her hair and Curley's wife gets scared and started to scream. Lennie covers her mouth with his hand. He becomes angry because she won't stop screaming and suddenly Lennie accidentally snaps Curley's wife's neck. Lennie tries to cover up the evidence by covering up Curley's wife with hay. Then Lennie takes the dead puppy so that George won't know that he did another bad thing and escapes to the place were George told him to go if he ever got in trouble. Later Candy comes into the barn and finds Curley's wife dead. Candy goes back to find George to show him Curley's wife. Soon Curley the others find his wife dead and Curley starts a mob to go kill Lennie.

My Reaction
My reaction to this chapter is horrified because Lennie killed Curley's wife. It may appear that he did it on accident but the way he acted when he told Curley's wife to be quiet. It's like he had that crazy frenzy he had before in chapter 4.