Chapter 6
"Aunt Clara was gone, and from out of Lennie's head there came a gigantic rabbit. It sat on its haunches in front of him, and it waggled its ears and crinkled its nose at him. And it spoke in Lennie's voice too" (101-102)

Chapter 6 Summary

The setting of this chapter is the same as the first chapter. We are back at the lake. Lennie is proud of himself because he remembered where to go if he ever got in trouble. Lennie hallucinates, seeing his dead Aunt Clara and a big rabbit. The hallucinations are taunting him, saying that George is going to beat Lennie with a stick. Lennie cries out George's name because he is afraid. George comes and answers Lennie's cries. Lennie then ask if George is going to beat him with a stick. He also ask if George if he is going to give him any "hell". George tells him no, that he's not going to beat him with a stick or give him any "hell". George tells Lennie to turn around. George then pulls out Carlson's gun. Right before Lennie dies, Lennie asks George if he can tell the story about their land. Lennie tries to turn around to see George but George tells him not to. Then George shoots Lennie. Moments later Curly and the others comes and see Lennie dead. At the end, Slim takes George back to the ranch leaving the others behind confused.

My Reaction
My reaction to this chapter was sad because George killed Lennie but he did it out of mercy. George loved Lennie and he would rather kill him than let a stranger do it.